Nail Polish Art


  1. Polish nail white or Contrasting color for best effect.
  2. Place a  small dot of  contrasting polish on Surface of Designer Nail Art.
  3. Take design tool  at a 45 degree angle use a single tine and drag dot from left to right in single drag to form a point.Place dots 2,3 and 4  under dot 1 and drag as described above.
  4. Turn container so your original dots are opposite to where you started them.
  5. Step 5 Place dots 1,2,3 and 4 and drag in between  the first 4 dots. Drag dots from left to right each forming a point.                                           
  6. Place nail on design leave nail on design for 5 seconds
  7. Turn over nail rinse nail off thoroughly with warm water
  8. Gently pat nail dry with facial tissue. Your design is ready to wear or be top coated.

Follow Easy Clean Up instructions before creating a new design.  After cleaning stir product.