Nail Polish Art


1. Outline two triangles with nail art striping polish leave a slight amount of space between the triangles.
    Fill in triangles with color of outline.
2. Draw a short straight line under the center of the bow tie in the Designer nail Art Product.
3. Place 2 dots of a color of your choice on each side of the short line.
4. Draw a left and right line below the short line these lines should resemble a V shape. (make sure the lines don't touch at the bottom of the "V")
5. Draw a straight line under the "V'' leaving a slight space.
6. Draw 3 dots on each side of the line.
7. For collar line draw a curved line over the bow tie.
7. Place your nail on to the design.
8. Remove nail from Designer Nail Art and rinse off thoroughly with water.
9. Pat nail dry with a facial tissue to remove any excess moisture.

Your design is dry and ready to wear.