Nail Polish Art


What type of nail polish can I use to design with?
Any type of nail polish that isn't a quick dry or gel.

How much Nail polish should I use?
Use enough polish to make the size of design desired use polish sparingly. For Fine lines use less polish.


Can I make a design without removing my previous design?
You may add additional layers of nail designs immediately after rinsing and patting dry.

Can I put two colors of polish directly on top of each other in the Designer Nail Art Product?
No you cannot overlay polish on polish in this product. You must leave space between polish lines , dots etc for product to work correctly.

How do I clean my design tool?
If polish sticks to design tool clean with polish remover. Rinse with water and dry with paper toweling.

Why do you recommend using paper toweling for cleaning polish brush before returning brush to the polish bottle?
Paper toweling leaves no lint behind. By wiping polish brush polish will be free from any Designer Nail Art product .

What size should I make my design?
When designing for nails make the design appropriate to your nail length and width. Placing nail over design will minimize polish adhering to skin. If needed remove excess polish from skin with polish remover.


Why do I have to stir the product after cleaning?

Stirring the product assures any fragments of polish not cleaned out thoroughly will not attach to your next design.